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Terms & Conditions

Voucher Terms & Conditions
1. Voucher redeemed can be used only in TMT by Thundermatch Online Store (
2. Voucher is not exchangeable for cash
3. Only 1 Voucher can be used per purchase on Online Store.
4. Voucher is valid to be used with any ongoing retail or online store promotion. (Depends on availability)

1. The membership program is offered by Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. to the customers (online).

2. Membership registration can be done through the TMT by Thundermatch website. After registering for Membership, customer will be entitled for the current exclusive benefits instantly.

3. Membership is only valid for individual. Each customer can only register 1 account. (Family Sharing / Company or Corporate Account not available)

4. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. has the right to offer different promotions and benefits for the members.

5. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. has the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason without written notification. Members are obliged to follow all changes to the Terms and Conditions.

6. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. has the right to terminate Membership or revoke benefits given to customers at any time for any reason.

7. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. has the right to suspend or terminate a person's Membership and / or revoke benefits and / or vouchers if:

- Members violate terms and conditions

- Members information (such as email address, name, IC) is invalid

- Member has gained points and / or vouchers in a fraudulent method

- Member passed away

8. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. will never asks members for passwords, SMS verification codes, or OTP codes for any reason. Therefore, Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. urges all members not to provide any data to anyone.

9. By participating in membership, members give consent to Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. to communicate via mail, email, telephone, short message, notifications at TMT by Thundermatch Retail, and notifications via the application or website.

Through these channels, Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. is able to inform members' status, notify when a member is entitled to a reward, program changes, special promotional offers for members, information and other offers which Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. believes will be interested for the members. Thunder Match Technology Sdn.Bhd. will maintain the confidentiality of member data in accordance with applicable laws in Malaysia.

10. Cancellation of membership will revoke all the rewards and delete all loyalty program data permanently. No data restoration guaranteed after membership cancellation.